MALAGA TRADING, is an international business platform

  • We are a global services export, internationalization and consulting firm.
  • We have experience in advising companies on matters of
    foreign trade
    , internationalization processes and business improvement projects.
  • We have also been collaborating with entities and institutions providing technical assistance and transfer of “Know-how”in the field of exports, where we are currently operating.
  • We are specialists in business cooperation networks, strategic alliances, consortiums, purchase centres/strong>, joint ventures, etc…
  • We are specialised in foreign trade, and we have an important international network of correspondents.
  • We specialise in helping SMEs with the process of internationalization and initiation in export activity..
  • We help companiesavoid making important mistakes.
  • We keep a close relationship with companies, advising them on the whole processand following up on our clients later.
  • We have the services of an important group of companies and executives who have with an extensive professional career in foreign trade.

We are the fastest and most cost-effective solution for your company.